If I were to tell you there is a man in Alabama in the United States who has based his humanitarian work on a popular song sung by supporters of a football club in England (that’s soccer for my American friends), and who has never once visited the U.K.- …

Alarm Bells: Meatpacking Plants and Covid-19

Author’s note: This piece started out as an informative piece on meatpacking plants, and how and why the Covid-19 virus is spreading rapidly through the workers in the plants. It has evolved into an investigative piece as well, with workers throughout Alabama reaching out…

Muck City to Mar-a-Lago: A Tale of Palm Beach County

Author’s note: I wrote this in January of 2018 to submit for consideration for publication, possibly at The Bitter Southerner. I never finished editing it, and set it aside to continue work on other writing projects. I just rediscovered this…

Warren Alan Tidwell

Volunteer Coordinator for Hometown Organizing Project in Alabama

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